Chocolate Almond Power Balls


1/3 c. organic almond butter 1/3 c. organic shredded coconut 2 TBS dark chocolate chips 2 TBS chia seeds 2 TBS raw organic cashews 8 pitted organic dates Pinch of Himalayan sea salt 10 drops doTERRA Tangerine or Wild Orange Oil* Pulse all the ingredients together in a Cuisinart, and then form into balls. Makes about 16 irresistibly delicious high-protein, low glycemic power balls. This one is a winner! *TANGERINE OIL benefits the immune system, the skin and our emotions. It's an … [Read more...]

Wild Orange Power Balls


  Put all the ingredients below in the Cuisinart and pulse it all together. 1/2 c organic almond butter 1/2 c organic dates (pitted) 2/3 c organic shredded coconut 2 pinches Himalayan sea salt 2 TBS chia seeds 1 TBS organic wildflower honey (optional) And the SECRET INGREDIENT! 20 drops (about 1/4 tsp) Wild Orange Oil!  You can order it here:   The Wild Orange I use is pure 100% certified therapeutic grade orange oil, so it's not orange extract!  It's the … [Read more...]

Demystifying the doTERRA Compensation Plan


If you would like to join doTERRA, if you have been hearing about it through the grapevine, shoot me an email and I'll help you get started. If you have just joined doTERRA, congratulations!  Your skin, your hair, your body and your mind are in for a lifelong treat! Enjoy your oils and the well-being they bring you! Let me assure you that your membership is completely OPTIONAL.  You can order as often as you like or not order as often as you like. You can cancel an order, return your order, or order … [Read more...]

Which Enrollment Kit Should I Get?


I know how it goes. You tried some oils. It was love at first whiff. You felt relaxed. You slept better with Serenity. You had more energy taking Mito2Max. Your sore muscles loved the soothing heat of DeepBlue. Every time you put PastTense onto the back of your neck, you felt like you'd just entered a spa. You pretended to be nonchalant about it, but secretly you were already falling in love. From deep within you heard a voice that quietly announced: I love these oils! I feel so great! I want to use them … [Read more...]



Yesterday, when I took my dog Lila for walk, we encountered another dog, who was fenced in his own yard.  We know where this dog lives in the neighborhood because we frequently walk on his street.  The dog is a tall blonde handsome labradoodle, who, when we pass, stands up on his hind legs with his front paws on the fence, and barks at us ferociously.  He acts really aggressive, threatens to jump over the fence. He's loud and he's scary. Lila's immediate response used to be to react with equal angry … [Read more...]

Anatomy Lesson, Week 2

IMPUNITY My assignment this week was to dissect out the great saphenous vein. Saphenous.  What a beautiful word, I mused. What does it mean, I wondered? It sounds exotic. Cobalt-colored. Erotic. Poetic. I would google it when I got home. In the meantime, I would get down to work with the tools the instructor had told my to use: scalpel, scissors, forceps, hemostat. I started at the top of the medial thigh, the soft fleshy part of the inner leg that in any other situation I would have associated with … [Read more...]

The Illusion of Skin

She stands at my head, holding her warm hands over my closed eyes. I, under a tan velvet blanket, catch the scent of lavender emanating from her palms. “Inhale,” she whispers. My breath moves like the tide, undulates slowly through my nostrils towards the shores of my lungs and then back again to the great ocean of breath. “Again,” she murmurs. Deep and rhythmic victorious breaths, beads of life I string together as effortlessly as the snow that’s falling outside the picture window overlooking the … [Read more...]



This is the perfect drink when you are feeling like you need a recharge.  Beets are great for detoxifying the liver, Meyer lemon is alkalizing, and the apple adds just a hint of sweetness. The separation happens naturally.  Yellow is associated with the third chakra, seat of anger and anxiety, as well as passion and perseverance.  It's the perfect spring tonic, for when we are in those in-between states of constriction and expansion. Sunrise Energy Boost Simple. Clean.  Detoxifying.  Delicious. Put the … [Read more...]

The Universe


Every weekday morning my dad is gone by 6 a.m. to meet his breakfast club. I wonder where he goes, who else is there, what do they talk about?  I often ask can I come with, but my dad always says no, it’s private, for men only, not for little girls. But one Saturday, he asks, “Do you want to go flying with me today? It’ll be a special treat, just you and me.” Usually my dad spends time with my older sister Lynn, showing her the chemistry set, or making the calculator spell upside-down words like BIBLE … [Read more...]

Anatomy Lesson, Intro and Week 1

I have recently been on a quest for meaning and have found it in the most unlikely place: among the dead. Sometime in my mid-40s, I began to feel more afraid than ever about my chosen career path, which I loved.  I had been keeping a journal for over thirty years, and had been making documentary films for close to twenty years. Other people's stories inspired me.  They touched my heart.  They surprised me.  I had followed a Parkinson's patient for half a decade as he got electrodes implanted in his brain … [Read more...]