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  • Are you a heart-centered, spiritual entrepreneur?
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I help creative, spiritual, heart-centered entrepreneurs like you break through your old patterns and beliefs so you can finally receive the ease, abundance and freedom that is waiting for you.

Using cutting-edge neuroscience, powerful mind-body tools, ancient yogic technologies, visualization and strategic processes, I will help you clear your limiting mental, financial and emotional blocks so you can prosper, live your passion and purpose, and BE powerfully present. 


  • Transforming your fears into freedom so you easily create what you want
  • Allowing abundance, ease and joy to flow into your life and business so you stop strugging
  • Mastering spiritual practices so you instantly switch from victim to victorious
  • Creating inner and outer wealth by doing what you love and what’s easy for you
  • Designing every day on your terms so you start living the life of freedom you desire
  • Transcending old blocks, bad habits, and limiting beliefs so you radiate confidence, enthusiasm and energy
  • Releasing self-sabotage and self-animosity so you stop repelling and start attracting

In service of science and spirit,

It’s your time, so take it.
Rewind your mind.
Tap into your original Self.
Edit your old script.
Write your new story.
Let your soul direct the play.

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Be Your Most Prosperous, Powerful, Playful, Peaceful Self. BEST BRAIN HACKS is your go-to guide to MINDing your own business. Literally. 

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