Until I met Deborah, I didn’t know what I didn’t know about what was keeping me from dramatically increasing my income. While doing the work and getting coaching in her Anatomy of Money class, I discovered that I believed my money comes from other people AND I have to put up with their shenanigans so I can be okay financially.


After working with her in a private group, the fog has lifted! She worked her magic on my brain’s molecules and my spirit and showed me how to work my own magic, too. Literally, the week after our coaching session, I made $12K. In.One.Week. It was super easy. My mindset about money has shifted 180 degrees thanks to Deborah’s transformational way of coaching.

I want every entrepreneur I love (that’s all of you) to sign up for Deborah’s Anatomy of Money class right now so you can live your superpower and make money doing it. Go forth and prosper.

Maggy Sterner, Brand and Business Coach

I signed up for The Anatomy of Money class because I was struggling with money. For years, my relationship to money was not balanced. I knew I was in need of a mentor to help me find the money wounds. I would make money but I didn’t feel like it was safe to keep it in my account.

What I loved most about working with Deborah was her honesty and open heart. She was able to identify deep rooted beliefs that had been created since I was a little girl. Her laser coaching and class content allowed the deep wounds to be seen and healed.

I discovered that I was blocking money by not feeling safe with it. I also realized that the loss I had experienced as a three year old was deeply connected to my fear of new big expansion and growth. After tapping I felt Relief. Gratitude. Pleasure. Joy. A new found freedom with money, love, and life!

Within weeks of completing her class, I found myself open to signing clients for large financial commitments. In fact, my business has grown so much that I just opened my own space for working with clients in a more intimate way with small groups. Immediately, I went from wondering if I would draw clients to attracting clients who immediately pay top dollar for my work as a healer, mystic and breathworker!

I am forever grateful for the light Deborah shined on my wounds. Her trust of the healing process has allowed me to expand beyond anything I could imagine in such a short time. Her dedication to the work she brings to the world inspires me to know that anything is possible.

Katrina Elkins, Spiritual Author, Mystic and Healer

I signed up to work privately with Deborah because I was struggling with feelings of overwhelm, stress, anxiety, and inadequacy, having just gone through a painful divorce from my partner of 20 years who had also been my professional partner for even longer. I had to start redefining myself, and rewiring my thought patterns.

What I loved most about working with her was the language and metaphors she chooses, which are always vivid, smart and effective because they make you see and feel – feeling vs. simply thinking about things.

After tapping, I felt lighter, more expansive, freer, more confident and able to step into the depth and fullness of my power.

The biggest transformation I’ve experienced is that I now feel like I have tools to recenter myself physiologically, and am even able to laugh about it instead of spiraling down…deluging old neural pathways with new and supportive ones.

Deborah’s vast scientific/intellectual background and expertise, combined with her many years as a filmmaker, gives her a unique visual/scientific way of thinking and speaking that I find amazingly effective. “Woo woo” techniques grounded in neuroscience, etymology and visual storytelling is the best way I can think to describe what Deborah does. It works. She is brilliant and I’m so grateful to know her.

For anyone struggling with their relationship to money, and/or their relationship to THEMSELVES, working with Deborah will lighten your heart, rewire your brain and help empower you to go be your best, most effective and impactful self out in the world.

Val Vigoda, Live-looping Electric Violinist, Singer/Songwriter

I signed up for The Anatomy of Money because outside of a (fun but very poorly paid) mural, I had almost no work for almost 6 months. I had to do something. I knew I had a lot of deep issues around money, but couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was going on. I went to your presentation talk, was impressed, and thought “this woman is onto something”. I left thinking ‘I should really do this’ …and turned around, went back and signed up – I wanted that one on one session! (I know myself: “I should do this” is code for “sounds good but so what” – I am the queen of procrastination …and when you’re draining your bank account the last thing you want to do is spend money).

What I loved about the course was that it shone a spotlight on very specific beliefs I had. They were silhouetted in stark relief. You can’t work with your subconscious beliefs if you don’t know what they are, and I never could see them before. I love your scientific approach; you don’t just spout woo-woo (although regardless, it worked). Through the work we did it became obvious and clear that lack of money was just a symptom of old embedded beliefs I carry – men, relationships, myself, that I had never been able to shift in the past. I’ve done a ton of personal growth work, and had somewhere along the line accepted that this is just how things are for.

Well… since the course, work is coming to me nonstop. I’m not doing anything different here and I’m sort of watching: can this be true? So far so good! And the work I’m getting is the stuff I love – painting murals, good design jobs. I’m turning away work for the first time in years! I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that all I did was tap for a few months and this is happening.

More than that, I feel more integrated, more whole in general. How I feel in my day to day life is a little lighter, it all flows a little more easily. I experience more general well-being than before. Clearing old painful issues means I’m not carrying them around anymore, right?

The course opened the doors and windows – the possibilities are endless. I can change bedrock subconscious belief structures through tapping. It’s my hot new tool in the toolbox and it is truly effective, a rocket ship to changing old patterns. Through working with you I now know it’s possible to change things and how to do it quickly and effectively.

This has f*ing changed my world. I have a solution that works! What a goddamn miracle!

…So, thank you, Deborah. I am so deeply grateful for this gift of freedom!

Peggy Sands, Artist and Graphic Designer

When I first reached out to Deborah, I was paralyzed with overwhelming fear and anxiety. Even though I worked hard and was experiencing some level of success, I felt like a complete fraud. Even though I was living my dream life in many aspects, I had completely shut down. I wasn’t able to function at work or home. But I didn’t know why.

My inability to do anything sent my wife and marriage in a downward spiral. I felt worthless at work, despite positive feedback. I needed to help, but I didn’t know where to look. When I reached out to Deborah for help, she answered. I couldn’t be more grateful that she responded.

Deborah got to the root of why I was falling apart, and gave me some tools to begin healing myself.  In our first 6 weeks, I experienced an inner overhaul in the best way.

With the continued help of Deborah’s coaching, my fears and anxieties have almost completely vanished, my marriage relationship has significantly improved, my confidence levels have increased greatly, and my productivity levels have gone way up. I’ve reconnected with family members and deepened our relationships. I’ve connected with a mastermind of like-minded men, where we support each other in our endeavors and personal growth.

And in facing my fears, it turns out that I’m not on my dream career path. It’s one of the reasons I had started shutting down. Right now Deborah is working with me to lay the groundwork for launching my own business.

The journey with Deborah has been incredible and it has been a true joy.

On her website she says, “I can help you clear your painful past so you can prosper, live your passion and purpose, and BE powerfully present.” This is emphatically true and it’s also a drastic understatement of my experience. Deborah doesn’t just help you with money. She gives you tools, and she guides you in giving yourself a new life upgrade. You know that life you always wanted to live? Stick with her, and she’ll help you develop the mindset, habits, and inner resilience to truly live the life of your dreams.

If you are on the fence about coaching with Deborah, go sign up with her now. The life-value I continue to receive from her coaching sessions has been priceless. No way to quantify it. She’s worth it!

Jeremy Finck, Vice President Strategy & Risk Policy Analyst, Banking Industry

“Working one-on-one with Deborah is one of the best investments of my time and money I’ve made in my life. As I’m a coach myself, I am SUPER picky about who I allow into my inner circle to actually have an influence on my mind, heart, and experience of life. And Deborah is a gem of the highest order.

Through our work together, I discovered so many holes in my old thinking and the patterned beliefs I’d been carrying around like heavy bricks about money and serving my clients that go back generations if not eons.

Deborah’s work with me has helped me see the utterly destructive patterns and where they were sourced, and pushed through to help me see what’s actually true about my value as a relationship coach. Since our first sessions, I began vibrating into right alignment with the truth of what I was offering my clients, and incredible clients began coming to me, as if by magic. I feel joyful for the first time about every aspect of my work and my business.

If you have ever had doubts about your value, or what you were put on this earth to contribute or create, hire Deborah. Like a master archeologist, she will help you unearth the beliefs and patterns that do not serve, and together, you will tap into a whole new way of feeling and thinking that will make your life feel like magic. 

If joy, ease, freedom, hope, empowerment, and increased self-worth are what you’re looking for, along with increased financial abundance to boot, you’ve come to the right place in Deborah Fryer. Work with her now.”

Anastasia Frank-Bruggemann, Relationship Coach, Certified “Calling in ‘The One’®” and “Conscious UncouplingTM” Coach, & Inner Bonding specialist

I was really struggling with my past. No matter what classes I took I was always talking about my past like it was my present. Years ago I was diagnosed with PTSD. I started taking healing classes to move past it, and what I found were more instances of trauma. WITH YOU as my coach, TAPPING has eliminated the stress from my trauma. COMPLETELY!!! Which sooo changes the conversations in my head.

My past now feels like it was a movie I watched – once. I am about to turn 60 years old and now get to relive my 30’s the second time but now with knowledge and a lightness I never knew. I now have the freedom to take responsibility for my life and choose happiness!!!
I can feel loved!!! Deborah is sooo nurturing and epic in what she does – I have the freedom I have been searching for. Deborah is the best I have ever worked with. Since Deborah’s amazing sessions – I am happy. Period. And the Universe is showing up with lots of more happy!!!!

I remember being around 6, when summers lasted forever and everyday was lovely 😉)) After session’s with you, this is my everyday Money flowing in, joy flowing in, every day has ease!!! I look at people and long to tell them their pain can be taken away. I’ll send them to you as often as I can – luvs to you and how the world, my world has changed and is beautiful

Thank you is hardly a BIG enough word to convey how special you are and the wonderful trip I have been on with you. All my LOVE! 

Erin Mac, Artist, Jewelry Designer

When I heard about The Anatomy of Money class, I was surprised and intrigued. I have known Deborah for more than twenty years as a lovely yogini and gifted filmmaker who was always barely making it financially. She, like myself, seemed to always be in some sort of struggle about money, how much she deserved to earn, and about her own worth. I read her blurb in which she disclosed that she now earns in the six figures and no longer has a money/value struggle–at all. I signed up immediately.

I have been thrilled with Deborah’s teaching and coaching. Deborah is profoundly gifted in being able to ‘dig’ until she gets to the real root of a ‘problem’ or programming that might be creating self-sabotage. She then crafts a personalized script that can be used with tapping to defuse the programming and therefore open up a tremendous opportunity for growth.

I have gained more insight into the programming that prompts my behaviors in the few months that I have worked with Deborah than I have in previous years of therapy.

Since I have started with her, my business is flourishing, I ended an unfulfilling relationship, my life is organized, I am at ease, I have decreased overwhelm in my life, and I am now on time for my appointments! There’s no struggle any more. This is the anti-struggle and my heart is happy.

Deborah is brilliant and this work is powerful beyond belief.

Merina Corby, PhD, LMFT

Corby Consulting

I signed up for The Anatomy of Money program because I was struggling with a lack of confidence. I wanted to learn to trust myself and my work in a way that would give me the courage, clarity and consciousness to bring in abundance on all levels, especially financial. I wanted to learn how to allow and receive a healthier, happier and more satisfying relationship with money.

What I loved most about the program was ….Deborah! Her enthusiasm, wisdom and clarity connected me to an aliveness inside of me, and a trust in my ability to embrace new ways of processing feelings, thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. Deborah inspired me with her brilliance, accuracy and eloquence in communicating complicated ideas and concepts. And, this is my second time doing this program with her! I continually feel myself becoming stronger and clearer and more trusting in me and my own powers of transformation. I recognize the patterns that keep me stuck now and I know how to let them go and replace them with new, more empowering and loving ones.

The biggest transformation I experienced was learning how to release a negative mindset and “tap” in a new positive, expanding and uplifting one. Deborah is an expert guide in allowing for the expression of the shadow and then the moving into the light naturally and organically. Tapping (EFT) enables me to come up with more positive visions, and being in the rhythm of the tapping deepens my breathing and allows me to birth new thoughts, ideas, feelings, and leaves me with an overall sense of profound well-being.

The 1:1 coaching is incredibly powerful because Deborah is brilliant at guiding me to discover my “negative mindset” and helping me move it up so I can really feel it, release it, and replace it with amazing, supportive, nurturing, soothing, empowering new beliefs.

Deborah has designed a reprogramming system that takes into account all the challenges/resistances inherent in the change process, and she delivers it in a way that feels delicious and delightful for all the parts of ourselves. She masterfully incorporates brain research, neuroplasticity, yoga, meditation and (ritual) spiritual practices, touch and deep relationship work. It is truly wholistic.

I learned to shift my patterns and develop a healthy relationship with money that resonates through my body, brain, heart and spirit.

Would I recommend this program to a friend?   OMG Yes. It taps the deeply personal, the transformational and the transpersonal, wiring in a brain that welcomes healthy relationships with all things. If you could appreciate how powerful and accessible re-wiring the brain is, and realize that this course can guide you through the changes, your life will never again be plagued by recurring wounds and damaging beliefs.

Jane Goldberg, Therapist and Director of Expressive Arts Training Institute

I signed up for The Anatomy of Money because I was struggling with visibility issues. The conditioning of being a Good Girl was warring with my need to fully express myself. I had been letting Good Girl Syndrome ruin my life!

The class was fun, and yet we went deep. What I loved most about working with Deborah is that she brings EVERYTHING to the next level. She gets to the core of what you’re saying, and then like a magician she opens your eyes to the Truth of what has been plaguing you. And through these realizations and the tapping, you are released.

After tapping, I felt lighter, centered, and relieved because I didn’t have all that negative junk cluttering my brain. What a gift! My biggest breakthrough was I healed and cleared Visibility issues that were preventing me from sharing my gifts and making the money I wanted.

Deborah has the uncanny ability to read and feel between the lines, and she sees the whole of who you are. She takes you out of the darkness and into the light. Because of these gifts, Deborah helped me to release decades-long fears, and opened my eyes to how these were affecting my life.

Bridget Flynn, Psychic

Before working with Deborah, I was feeling desperate around money. Even though, I am an award-winning healer and mentor with hundreds of satisfied clients, my relationship with money has always been anxiety inducing.

The sensations in my body were intense and constricting when dealing with my PTSD response around money and it would flare up with the rise and fall of my bank balance. At times, it was so bad that I wouldn’t even look at my bank ledger. Too much money caused me to stress about a possible upcoming disaster that would take the money; not enough money would trigger anxiety over financial ruin and money shame.

During the Anatomy of Money program, I discovered that my nervous system was literally wired from childhood to send me into frantic states of anxiety. I found the 1:1 coaching with Deborah useful and incredibly powerful. She is masterful at what she does. Her passionate dedication to this work, keen insight, and understanding of the journey from trauma to transformation gives her an intuitive edge that allowed her skillfully guide me through the process.

This is the program if you want to learn exactly why you are stuck where you are and how to clear out your financial blocks. Personally, the biggest transformation I got from this course was feeling my whole nervous system relaxed and experiencing energetic flow, even before my outer circumstances changed! That was HUGE for me.

 As a result of taking her program, I have the tools I need, literally at my fingertips, to rewire my nervous system for ANYTHING, not just money. No longer am I a slave to my trauma triggers. That’s what I love the most! Not too mention, when my nervous system settled down…my income picked back up and I even landed a brand new high-end client. YES!

I recommend her program to friends because I believe that we all deserve and have the ability to be healthy, wealthy, and wise. It’s possible when we have powerful tools and support systems. Deborah and The Anatomy of Money are strong allies!

Yarah Sutra, Pleasure Priestess

I signed up for this program because I was struggling with my career and relationship, feeling overwhelmed with making a decision about where to invest my energy and how to transition out of my current work situation.

I loved your very direct approach. I loved our ability to listen to all of us and synthesize our deeper yearnings. I loved that I felt heard.

After tapping, I felt incredible! The biggest transformation I received was that I now am feeling into the very real possibility of doubling my income and how much joy and freedom that is bringing me. Thank you! I look forward to continuing to explore and deepen my understanding of this wisdom! Thank you for being a living role model.

I recommend this work because it is empowering!

Deva Munay, Spiritual Healer, Massage Therapist, and Herbalist.

I want to tell you how you’ve helped me. I feel amazing. Period.

I was struggling with starting my own business and figuring out how to show up in this world as a freelancer when I signed up to work with you. Now, I’m feeling so expanded. And strong.  And also vulnerable, in the best way. I’m feeling the ebb and flow of life come up and I’m finding that I am able to flow with it with ease!

It’s amazing to think of the future and my goals and realize I can contribute to how it all unfolds and I’m excited to create my life! I can make it all happen in a beautiful, authentic way. I am inspired because now I know I have the ability to create major shifts in my relationship to my past and my present. it feels real and it feels great. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Sarah Curry, Filmmaker

The processes Deborah uses were HUGELY revealing for me.  In previewing money areas we were going to explore I thought I really knew where my pain points would be but her processes really uncovered some old beliefs that I had been carrying that were big and definitely creating blocks in my business.  It was tough to face but after our tapping session I felt a lot better. I have been tapping since on these topics and I can really feel the charge of it all dissipating.

Deborah has a really good way with words in targeting the issues in the tapping sessions and bringing inspired, believable reframes to ease the anxiety. In fact, after completing the tapping on a really difficult core belief from childhood, i felt so much better that it was as if we had done the work on this issue years earlier and I was just reflecting back on the session. Wow! I look forward to continuing the processes to improve my ability to attract more wealth!

Macy Harjot Matarazzo, Love Coach

Deborah has many gifts. She is an accomplished, award-winning filmmaker and an excellent coach. She brings her unique gifts as a filmmaker to her coaching practice and is able to help you visualize and see old patterns and beliefs that have been holding you back. She helps you identify and edit them into a story that empowers you and frees you to create what you want and live the life you came here to live.

Carole Lee Dean, Foundation Director and Fiscal Sponsor

Deborah Fryer is an extraordinary teacher and leader:  she integrates the scientific with the spiritual, the body with mind and heart and images with affirmations to unleash human potential in these critical times.  Always a student herself, she is a trustworthy guide.  Don’t miss the opportunity to receive her teachings and transmission. She will rock your world and support your wholeness.

Mukara Meredith, Matrixworks Founder and Hakomi Trainer

I’ve tried to work through this trauma before, but I kept tripping over things and not getting anywhere. I have worked with other coaches and they have been robotic and timid, but Deborah’s approach made total sense. The way she pulled so many pieces together was extremely helpful. I also loved how she brought in other modalities, like breath and meditation. The way she held the space, guided me in the tapping and used her voice was also really powerful. I felt safe with Deborah and was able to release some pain I didn’t realize I was still carrying. Before the session, I was upset and in my head, but the tapping burned it away completely. I feel so much lighter now. I feel so much more clarity and conviction now. Thank you!

Nicole Lewis Keeber, MSW, LCSW

I have known Deborah for years, and have heard gems coming out of her mouth every yoga class, but was unsure about coaching with her at first because I did not know how talented she was in this area, too. I felt stuck in my life. I knew I had limiting beliefs about money (and a lot of other things) that were holding me back and keeping me stuck. I could see the value in this work from our very first session.

I’m learning that I am lovable and can make money. I can see old beliefs and patterns that were getting in the way before and keeping me stuck, and see now that these old beliefs are worth challenging. I am so grateful for the work we have done together. I want to continue to incorporate it into my life.

I love how Deborah pulls together little things I’ve said and ties it all together to create an individual tapping program that is unique and individual to me each session. This is very powerful and it makes a big difference. I feel happier, freer, more spacious and lighter after doing this work with Deborah.

Working with Deborah, whether through tapping or yoga, is holistic and healing. Her view about health connects the body with our psyche, our emotions, our beliefs and our past. I would highly recommend doing one-on-one work with Deborah because she is masterful at helping you see very specifically where your blocks are and how to clear them.

Kim Miller, Photographer